Play digital music as if it were vinyl with Behringer

behringer_bcd3000.pngWhile electronic music production relies more and more on software-based sequencers, there is a need for hardware controllers. Hardware is not dead -it has just evolved along with music programs. With the new Behringer BCD 300 you can play and mix any audio file as if you had a regular -though minimized- DJ mixer and decks. You get a mixer, effects, preamp mic/phono and a monitor section which integrates itself very well with NI Traktor 3, the included software. It works well with other Windows and Mac music software.



  • Traktor 3, podcasting and recording software.
  • 4 channels
  • USB connection
  • Mixer
  • Effects
  • Monitor outputs
  • 3 band EQ
  • Play, cue, loop, pitch bend and effects buttons.

Price: 299 dollars

Suscr�bete a BEATBLOGSince we can’t find any demonstration video of this very model in You Tube, we want to show you a video of the previous model, BCD 2000, which is similar and will give you an idea about how it works ; )


Una respuesta

  1. hi,

    working with hardware is as i think much more amazing than software audio mixing due to alot of reasons like style and looks , as you mentioned it feels like you are working a DJ but it costs alot less..

    also i dont think that you can generate by software what you can create by hardware ..

    maybe i am an old fashoned man but i sure love the keys of a piano and the buttons of mixers..



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